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The Seventh Floor Contracting Corporation is distinguished by a prominent position and a good reputation among the major national contracting companies.
We are always keen to provide distinguished services to our valued customers in all areas of our specialization, as we are committed to accomplishing all that is specified and required according to the highest standards and by adopting the latest and most advanced global technology means, and our work team is made up of engineers, technicians and technicians of various nationalities And with very respectable expertise to ensure the highest possible quality and creativity.

Our corporation carries out all construction works, whether private or governmental, as well as residential and commercial buildings, hotels, streets and sidewalks, bridges and various infrastructure works.

We are committed to all levels of a construction project, from design through preparation and planning to completion and implementation. For many years, we have succeeded in meeting the demands of our customers and obtaining their satisfaction by accomplishing works of the highest quality, within reasonable periods of time and at very competitive prices.

Our Mission

We look forward to providing services of the highest level to our valued customers, on deadlines and according to the allocated budget. And providing distinguished services in the field of contracting that contribute and serve the community by creating a stimulating environment to provide the best services and optimal employment of skills and creativity in developing solutions and building an effective local and global partnership, which contributes to developing the economy, creating job opportunities and keeping pace with the tremendous urban development that our country knows.

Our Goals

Our organization aims to preserve its good reputation in the contracting milieu, by ensuring the success of all projects that we oversee their completion, in accordance with international standards and within the limits of the allocated budget and within the agreed period of time, recruited with a work crew with respectable experience and a fleet of the latest Machines and technological means to achieve the maximum possible quality and satisfy our customers, as well as contribute to the development of the structures of our country and increase its growth.

Our Values

Our values and principles in dealing remain a shining lamp and a luminous planet in all our dealings internally and externally, and we have solid foundations that enable us to perform our mission in the best way :
* Transparency and Clarity
* Spirit of Responsibility
Commitment, Trust & Honesty
* Integrity and Credibility
* Quality and Warranty

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